What we offer


Direct access platform for all your currency needs

By combining expertise in FX and technology with strong governance, we have created an innovative, independent, and regulated ecosystem with the aim of offering our clients easier, faster and cheaper FX execution, as well as unique risk mitigation tools.


Best execution engine

You will have access to multi-bank FX rates for Spot, Forwards and Non-Deliverable Forwards (OTC FX Options coming soon) from a panel of the largest FX market-making banks. All sources of liquidity accessed by MillTechFX are fully transparent and clearly visible below the best bid/offer spread shown as the best market rate. The Best Execution Engine ensures you trade at the best available rate.



We will provide you with access to dynamic hedging products driven by Artificial Intelligence that seeks to reduce risk and mitigate drawdowns. Access to hedging signals developed by Millennium Global automatically generates trades to hedge/unhedge your existing exposures. The Millennium Global Dynamic Hedging model has a positive track record with billions of USD under management. 


transaction COST ANALYSIS

To evidence and control Best Execution, we will provide you with an independently calculated (3rd party data) Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) report that measures the quality of execution and highlights costs incurred before and savings after you have used MillTechFX.



We will provide you with access to a full suite of currency hedging, overlay and alpha products accessed via investable indices. This will enable you to access Millennium Global’s institutional currency investment management offerings directly through the MillTechFX platform.


PERSONALISEd dashboard

Customisable list of live-streaming FX rates and a menu to access all MillTechFX functions including FX trading, payments, transaction history, Transaction Cost Analysis Reports and a curated selection of in-house macroeconomic, news and currency research.


currency ADVISoRY

Our dedicated team of experts can help you determine hedging policies and corresponding optimal FX hedging strategies, including tenor management. In addition, we offer advice on FX yield enhancement strategies including Emerging Market FX.



Our platform soon will be able to integrate with the majority of clients’ internal treasury systems via our Open API. Please contact us at support@milltechfx.com for further information.



We provide a wide range of staff training and educational material to help clients navigate the world of Foreign Exchange. In addition to in-person training, we offer videos and infographics explaining key aspects of currency execution and management.


Macroeconomic and currency research

We will provide you with access to a curated selection of Millennium Global’s in-house economic and currency research. Our research such as the Quarterly Macro and Currency Outlook is published by a dedicated team of experienced economists and strategists.