Our Transaction Cost Analysis highlights how much you can save by using MillTechFX


Most FX execution options available to businesses are opaque. This leads to high costs including both explicit and hidden charges.

At MillTechFX we differentiate ourselves by providing our clients with the ability to access best market rates, a totally transparent pricing structure, and a proprietary tool, Transaction Cost Analysis, to evidence Best Execution.


We offer the transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) tool to both existing and new clients.

For existing clients, we make the independently calculated (based on 3rd party data) Transaction Cost Analysis report available via the MillTechFX platform on a quarterly basis to measure the Best Execution and highlight costs incurred before and savings after they have used MillTechFX.

If you are new to MillTechFX and would like to find out how much you could have saved on your previous trades, please request our Execution Cost X-Ray. It’s free!