FinTech platform with unique proprietary algorithmic layer


AI Robo-hedging

The Millennium Global Dynamic Hedging model has successfully worked on billions of USD under management. Access to existing Millennium Global hedging signals automatically generates hedging trades to dynamically hedge/unhedge clients’ existing exposures. MillTechFX is adapting this capability to its clients.

Investable currency indices

MillTechFX is developing access via investable indices to a full suite of currency hedging, overlay and alpha products. This will enable independent wealth managers and family officers to access Millennium Global's institutional currency investment management offerings directly through the MillTechFX platform.


MillTechFX Nexus:
Best-of-breed technology stack



Our core technology is proven, as it has been powering Millennium Global’s institutional foreign currency execution desk, one of the best in the world. We have adapted existing Millennium Global services for MillTechFX’s clients and created purpose-built tools, all made available via MillTechFX’s direct access platform.

open modular architecture

MillTechFX’s platform is built on an open modular architecture integrating market leading technologies. We continuously review best-of-breed technologies to minimise legacy drag whilst retaining design control over the entire stack.

DEVELOPER API [Coming soon!]

Developer APIs will enable our clients to seamlessly integrate MillTechFX into their existing treasury systems and create the ideal solution for bespoke FX needs.


Our platform has been designed with the aim of employing the highest international standards to our security at all stages of processing your data including authentication, collection, transmission and storage.

Execution: Direct connection to the primary pricing service where our servers are located within the same data centre network to support low latency pricing.

Data Centre: Servers hosted by industry leader within secure ISO 27001 certified data centres.

Disaster Recovery (DR): Replication of production services within separate data centre.

Client Portal: Login protected by 2-Factor Authentication powered by a leading security provider.

Client Data: Stored on secure, restricted access databases.