The multi-bank currency solution for businesses


Direct access to transparent and competitive multi-bank rates.

Low cost FX execution for corporates, institutions and asset managers.

No hidden charges.


We provide both a direct-access platform and outsourced FX execution services



Clients are able to access our easy-to-use MillTechFX execution platform that benefits from:

  • Direct access to comparative multi-bank FX rates 
  • Full transparency 
  • Best execution and low transactional cost

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Outsourced execution SERVICES

Clients can delegate their execution and hedging needs to be managed by our expert FX professionals who provide:

  • Share class and asset level hedging program management
  • Independent advisory and operational oversight
  • Best-execution and low transactional cost

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A state-of-the-art direct access multi-bank FX trading platform


We aim to provide easier, faster and cheaper foreign exchange execution

  • View live-streamed transparent and competitive FX rates and your transaction history on a customisable dashboard

  • Automatically trade on best available rate with one click of a button

  • Get independently verified Transaction Cost Analysis

  • Access our advanced currency risk management services

  • See tailored selection of our macroeconomic and currency research

  • Integrate with your treasury systems via our Developer API (Coming soon!)

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Our multi-bank panel includes the largest counterparties in the world

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Outsourced Execution Services


Our currency investment management heritage uniquely positions us to advise on FX execution solutions and hedging strategies

We combine multi-bank execution, independent advisory and operational programme management for asset management clients with asset level and share class FX hedging needs. This can reduce both FX costs and operational burden.

As a client, you can benefit from:

  • Access to our tier-1 multi-bank panel
  • Best-Execution and Best-Practice policies including transaction cost analysis
  • Independent advisory
  • Centralised reporting and operational management
  • Access to dedicated expert FX professionals
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FX specialist heritage and institutional-grade solutions make us unique

MillTechFX is the FinTech platform of Millennium Global Treasury Services Ltd, the FinTech affiliate of Millennium Global Investments, one of the largest independent specialist currency managers. MillTechFX and Millennium Global are both headquartered in London, the world’s centre of foreign exchange activity.

In the past only the largest institutions had direct access to multi-bank FX rates. Now, via MillTechFX, clients including corporates, institutions and asset managers can benefit from Millennium Global’s expertise in currency management and its access the multi-bank FX market.



Millennium Global has $20Bn AuM, and transacted over $750bn of FX in 2018 with 10+ of the largest bank counterparties in the world.
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Extremely competitive FX rates

We will provide you with access to multi-bank FX rates. You will transact at the best available market rate.
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Institutional-grade platform

Millennium Global has built one of the most established institutional FX-execution desks in the world. MillTechFX opens this up to its clients via its direct access platform.
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Total cost transparency

Our pricing is fully transparent. Transaction Cost Analysis based on independent data will be available to evidence Best Execution.
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MillTechFX: trading platform with best-of-breed technology


Our core technology is proven. It has been powering Millennium Global’s institutional foreign currency execution desk, which services the largest institutional clients and is one of the best in the world.

We have adapted existing Millennium Global products for MillTechFX’s clients and created a direct access platform with purpose-built tools and our best-of breed technology stack (Nexus).

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Our clients are global, and so are we


MillTechFX aims to become the go-to FX platform for our clients’ FX needs globally. Low-cost FX execution based on multi-bank rates, previously enjoyed only by the largest institutions, is now available via the MillTechFX platform to corporates, institutions and asset managers. Here is how we can help:

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Let us show how much you can save

Our free Execution Cost X-Ray tool will analyse your FX transaction history to reveal any hidden execution costs, and will show how much you can save by using the MillTechFX platform. Click here for a sample report >>


Highest standards of security and data protection


Our platform has been designed with the aim of employing the highest international standards to our security at all stages of processing your data including authentication, collection, transmission and storage.

Execution: Direct connection to the primary pricing service where our servers are located within the same data centre network to support low latency pricing.

Data Centre: Servers hosted by industry leader within secure ISO 27001 certified data centres.Disaster Recovery (DR): Replication of production services within separate data centre.

Client Portal: Login protected by 2-Factor Authentication powered by a leading security provider.

Client Data: Stored on secure, restricted access databases.



Millennium Global Treasury Services Limited (“MGTS”) is an appointed representative (FRN 843188) of Millennium Global Investments Limited (FRN 171039) which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.